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Our mission is a very simple one: We want to help you launch your film successfully and economically.
In this crowded and competitive market, filled with excellent films all fighting for recognition, we offer these valuable OPPORTUNITIES:
  • The OPPORTUNITY to play your film for a full week at the prestigious QUAD CINEMA in New York. You will keep 100% of the box office income.  See www.quadcinema.com/
  •  The OPPORTUNITY to have a professional, highly skilled publicist set up the press screenings, write and mail press releases, and compile and distribute production notes.  Read on.
  •  The OPPORTUNITY to encode, package, and submit your film, with no up front cost, to the major digital platforms like Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, AmazonPrime, Hulu, HuluPlus, Vudu, YouTube, XBox, & Google Play. Read on.
  • The OPPORTUNITY to list your film with the major Cable VOD stations like Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, and Cox. Read on.
  • The OPPORTUNITY to sell DVDs of your film to the major retail chains like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Barnes & Noble, schools, colleges, universities, libraries, military installations, and supermarkets. Read on.
  • The OPPORTUNITY to set up, at no cost, a Google AdWords campaign. Read on.
  • The OPPORTUNITY to distribute your film nationally. Read on.
  •  The OPPORTUNITY to market your film in the major foreign markets like North and South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Australia/New Zealand. Read on.
  • The OPPORTUNITY to help you qualify your documentary for an Oscar. Read on
  • New for 2014: The OPPORTUNITY to list your film on our QUADflix ON DEMAND Streaming Channel. You will receive 75% of the income.
Whether we provide these opportunities in house or from outside sources, our mission will always be the same: To provide you with the most complete film distribution package at the lowest possible price.
TOTAL COST: U.S. $11,000. Remember: by receiving 100% of the box office income, this amount will be reduced. Also, (1) having a publicist, (2) encoding your film for the digital platforms, (3) marketing your DVDs to the retail chains, schools, and libraries, and (4) setting up a Google AdWords campaign would cost thousands of dollars on the open market. But it's all included in our program.
One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.
-Benjamin Disraeli



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